Doomben Races

Doomben Races hold a lofty title as one of two main tracks in Brisbane.

Their most important event of the year is the Brisbane Winter Racing Carnival, where numerous Group 1 Races are held.

This includes namesake races, the Doomben 10,000 and the Doomben Cup.

The Doomben Races are aptly nicknamed, “The Garden Racecourse,” due to the luscious gardens which surround the area.

As well as exquisite flora, the Doomben Racecourse is also home to the Brisbane Racing Club – who host around 46 meetings a year.

If you’re wanting to pack your bags for a day at the Doomben Races, make a day of it, and head to one of the 24 Saturday Race Meets, 2 Public Holiday Race Meets, and 20 Midweek Race Meets.

Doomben Racecourse doesn’t just host races in the frostier months… they’re also home to the Summer Racing Carnival, which gives Aussies some much needed Vitamin D, while also making some cheeky punting profits.

In terms of the track itself, Doomben Racecourse is oval-shaped, with sharp turns both before and after the 350m straight.

The right-handed turf also holds a 1,715m circumference, which features a liturgy of three differing chutes, at the 1,350m, 1,615m and 2,200m marks.

Doomben Racecourse Details
Address: Hampden Street
Suburb: Ascot, QLD, 4007
Phone Number: (07) 3268 6800
Circumference: 1,715m
Direction: Clockwise
Track Type: Turf

Key Doomben Races

Race Distance Group Level Prizemoney
BTC Cup 1,200m Group 1 $400,000
Doomben Cup 2,020m Group 1 $500,000
Doomben 10,000 1,350m Group 1 $650,000
George Moore Stakes 1,200m Group 3 $200,000

Doomben Racecourse Barrier and Starting Positions

1,010m: This distance sees runners begin in a chute at the back of the course, with a short and succinct run until the first sweeping turn into the final straight. Inside barriers are helpful here, as runners are able to optimise the rail closeness at the first turn.

1,100m & 1,200m: Runners here begin on the course proper, in the back straight. There’s once again a short run before hitting the first sweeping turn. You’re going to want to once again draw an inside barrier, as optimising that inside turn is vital when there’s such a short straight to make up ground with.

1,350m: Here, runners begin in a small chute off the back of the straight. There’s a straight run of 450m before turning into that first corner, which gives inside barriers a clear advantage. Although, in this case, there is a greater distance to make up that outside draw, so gates are of lesser importance than shorter distances. Inside barriers become more vital the further out the rail is.

1,615m: At the 1,615m, runners begin in a small chute located just off the back of the course proper. This is on the left-hand side of the track. There’s a straight run of around-a-bout 200m, before hitting that elongated turn into the back straight. Barriers are of lesser importance here, due to the length of the primary and home straight – which give wider drawn runners the opportunity to make up turf and head close to the inner rail, or come out wide on the final run.

2,020 & 2,100m: Runners here begin in the home straight – and get to run that distance before hitting the first turn. Inside barriers don’t really have an advantage here, in comparison to the other distances – as there’s a greater length at the beginning to make up an outside draw.

2,200m: Gates here once again begin in a small chute, but this time, it’s off the back of the home straight. This distance is elongated, and runners get a greater distance and length at the first straight – giving barriers little to no importance.

Getting to the Track

Train: If you’re keen for a day at the Doomben Races, I’d suggest heading there by train. The nearest station is duly named, Doomben Station, on the Doomben Line. There’s only a very short walk down Onslow Street until you hit the Racecourse.

If you want more info on getting to the Doomben Races by Train, check out the QLD Translink Website for more details.

Bus: There are three differing busses that head to Doomben Races, including route 302, 303 and 304.
You can jump on any of these from Brisbane City.

Car: If you’re keen to play deso, you can head to the Doomben Races by car. Drive down Nudgee Road, only 8km north of Brissy City Centre.

If you’re coming down Kingston Smith Drive – it’ll take around 20-25 minutes.